Alessandro Tomassetti is a Canadian figurative painter based in Barcelona. He is known for his intimate portraits of contemporary men. Dramatic lighting and a moody color palette compliment his naturalistic rendering technique to capture the vulnerability and sensuality of his male subjects, the likes of which is most often associated with the female form. Intended to invert the male gaze, Tomassetti’s oil paintings seduce the viewer into appreciating the male form while confronting cultural tenets of masculinity. 


2018 Painting The Figure Now 
-Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, Wausau

2018 Studio 54
-Jo Hay Open Studio Gallery, Provincetown

2018 Visions of Venus
-Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

2017 ARC Salon
-Sagamundi Club, New

2017 Figurativas’17, finalist 
-MEAM, Barcelona

2016 BP Portrait Award, finalist
-National Portrait Gallery, London

2015 Figurativas’15, finalist
-MEAM, Barcelona

2014 Blood Brothers
-M.O.B., Barcelona

2013 Sex
-Anagligos Gallery, Barcelona

2013 Bedtime Stories, group
-Mitte Artspace, Barcelona


Poets and Artist Magazine: The New Nude, Family, Visions of Venus, Eros’ Gaze, 10th Anniversary, PaintingThe Figure Now
Average Art Magazine: 13 (August)


Los Angeles, Cape Town, New York, Madrid, Toronto, Palm Springs, Geneva, London, Seattle

“Around the time I started painting, it became clear that my favourite artists throughout history had painted males but my favourite contemporary figurative artists mostly focused on female subjects. Contemporary male portraits still seem reserved for important men, that is, conventionally powerful men.” Alessandro Tomassetti